What We Do

The Studio Landscapes team have been designing concepts and constructing outdoor areas for over a decade. Our landscaping methodology and process, helps to ensure the final product is of the highest quality, and will endure as you and your family enjoy the space. Our approach includes:

Your LANDSCAPE design & construction process


Preliminary discussions & Site scoping


Extensive Designs inc. selections & finishes


Pricing & Design Review


Planning & council approval management


Construction & project management



The Studio Landscapes team take an 6-step approach with you, to help you conceptualise and then develop your dream outdoor area while also ensuring the elements complement your home and property. 

Whether you are building a new home, or looking for an update to an established front or back yard area, the Studio Landscapes team are skilled in navigating a range of sites, and can start a scoping conversation with you, at any point in your homeowner journey.  

From understanding your desires for the landscaping and the site characteristics, we can develop extensive designs and work with you to choose selections and finishes.  This includes supporting you to choose the best type of pool finish, native or exotic flora, water features and hardscape areas, and integrating irrigation to support the sustainability of your outdoor areas – to name a few of the components of Stage 2 of our process. 

Once you review and confirm all designs and pricing, we can build you a 3D walk-through – something many of our clients choose so they can get a sense of immersion into their outdoor spaces prior to committing to the start of construction.  This step will work with your home design to showcase each component of your landscape design & construction, while giving you another opportunity to edit your choices if you desire.  

The Studio Landscapes team are skilled in council submissions to ensure your approval process (if required) runs smoothly – we manage the full submission of relevant paperwork to keep your outdoor construction on track.  

Although many companies cease engagement following hand-over, at Studio Landscapes we prefer to stay connected to every client – another reassurance that we stand by our work. In the three months following hand-over, our team will be at your disposal to support you with any questions, and to help ensure that once your outdoor areas are in use, that they exceed your expectations.